There comes a point in our business when tasks outweigh the time we have in our hands. We try to balance things, but to no avail we sometimes fail. In our attempt to pacify the situation, we multitask; to catch-up with the deadlines, we do multiple tasks all at once (or try to).   Try to recall the last time you resorted to multitasking and ask yourself this: Did it solve or aggravate the problem?   You may think that multitasking works well for you, or you may think otherwise. The important point to remember here is that you are able to meet your goal; which is to finish the tasks on time and in turn help you achieve success.   Here's some food for thought:  

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

  If you were to multi-task, keep in mind two important things: (1) You want to get things done on time, and (2) You to you want...

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