In my last post, I talked about making "buckets" instead of resolutions, which was inspired by an article I read that talked about using single words to focus on the most important things we want to achieve.


In thinking about my business and all businesses in general, I came up with 4 words or "buckets" (yes, I realize I said people remember odd numbered lists better so this may be updated to 5 at a later date). A candidate for the 5th word is "Improve", but technically that's building as well.


Here they are:
  • Guide
  • Run
  • Build
  • Protect


That's it. Read no more.


Just kidding.


Think about it. Everything you ever need to do for your business falls under one or more of these 4 things. If every day, every week, every month, every quarter and every year, you thought about...

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